András Droppa

A Hard Rock-Blues Guitarist, singer and songwriter

Painted Ladies Tour 24/25

Come see the PAINTED LADIES TOUR! Following the release of his debut album, András brings his unique brand of Hard Rock-Blues to 49 venues across the UK and Ireland as part of his debut tour. A virtuosic ‘tour-de-force’ of in-your-face guitar driven music, András and his band won’t disappoint. Live and loud, this promises to be a night to remember!

András is a 22 year old Hard Rock-Blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter from North Devon. His unique blend of Hard Rock, Blues, Soul and Funk shines through in his original material, and his live band are undeniably energetic and infectious.

András Droppa's Painted Ladies Autumn Tour 2024
András Droppa's Painted Ladies Spring Tour 2025

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27th July at 5:10pm, Bideford Music Days 2024, Bideford, Devon

András Droppa performing at Bideford Music Days, 27th July 2024

31st August 2024, The Palladium Club, Bideford, Devon

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“We hosted András back at the beginning of March, just as we started ramping up the live music after the winter months. He came out on fire! Crowd was buzzing from the get-go, with András’s great choice of support band. He followed with pure class, songs of his own that you would expect to hear in a much larger venue than ours. When András is famous and gigging Wembley, we hope he will come back and do a homecoming show with us on occasion!”

Matt, Hank’s Dirty

“András Droppa is one of the most talented guitar players to come out of our local area in years, I’ve seen him grow as a player from him starting out at our jam sessions to a headline show at the venue I own. He has worked very hard to get to the standard he’s currently at but learning more and more everytime I see him, his playing and knowledge of the industry are both outstanding.”

Ben, The Palladium Club

“András Droppa was a performance to be remembered. Lightning guitar chops (outside of the usual pentatonic boxes blues rock guitarists fall into!), soaring vocals and a charismatic energy that kept the crowd hooked, András is one to watch out for!”

Carl Harries, Six Six Bar